Monday, April 30, 2012

MAY DAY - 2012

This MayDay - 2012, we shall restates our determination to defend the fundamental human and trade union rights of public sector workers; and the rights of all citizens to universally accessible quality public serves.

May Day 2012 sees public sector workers and our unions locked in an ideological battle to save the livelihoods and the public services so many people value and depend on.

The financial crisis that hit in 2008 is being used as a reason to cut back on public spending, privatise public services and slash public sector jobs, wages and conditions. The reality is that the crisis is now no more than an excuse.

The public deficits in 

whose names services 

are being destroyed are 

a consequence of the 

economic crisis, not a 

cause. The blind 

refusal by our 

government to look for 

solutions rooted in job 

creation and decent 

work is perpetuating 

multiple crises.

The so called austerity measures and reforms initiated by our government are as per designs “set by the multinational corporation companies and international financial institutions”  &  imposed on working class of India,  with dire consequences. 

The unprecedented and coordinated global attacks on labour are part and parcel of this ideological attack on working class. Freedom of association, collective bargaining and freedom of expression are all under threat.

We, the working class must join together against these injustices. We cannot allow the 1%  of people, filling their pockets at the expense of 99% of population – we the working class.

The growing inequalities that the 1 % is deliberately promoting, in a desperate attempt to cling to and increase their vast wealth.  Ordinary citizens and working class see our public services being torn to shreds; and see the hard working people who deliver those services being demonised. And we are saying NO. We have to  mobilise against these manifest injustices. Mobilising for a better world built on fairness, justice and the respect of human rights.

“As public sector unions we must realize that 

public services are the very foundation of 

just and democratic societies. We must also 

know that our fight is the fight of the 

masses.In solidarity - lies victory!!”