Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New allowances recommended by 6th CPC to to the unabsorbed ITS officers

15 new allowances recommended by 6th CPC to to the unabsorbed ITS officers 

An emergency meeting of all Unions/Associations in BSNL was held at New Delhi on yesterday at 1500 hrs to take very serious note of the brazen faced order issued by BSNL Management on 25.05.2012 to grant following 15 new allowances recommended by 6th CPC to the unabsorbed ITS officers whose repatriation orders are issued by DOT and who have been ordered to be relieved from BSNL by 30th Sept., 12 by Hon Delhi High Court. 

1) Transport allowance, 2) Children Education Assistance & Reimbursement of Tuition fees, 3) Family Planning Allowance, 4) Special Allowance for child Care to women with disabilities, 5) House Rent Allowance, 6) TA & DA while on official tour, 7) DA on foreign tour, 8) Training Allowance, 9) Other Allowance like (i) Special Duty Allowance, (ii) Special Compensatory (Remote Locality) allowance/Tribal Climate Allowance, (iii) Hill area allowance, (iv) Tribal Area Allowance, (v) Island Special Duty Allowance and (vi) Hard Area Allowance. This results in crores of rupees expenditure to the BSNL.

Utterly shameful as it is on BSNL management, on one hand it is giving all the concessions to unabsorbed ITS, and, on the other, it is denying implementation of legitimate orders of Govt/DPE such as 78.2% IDA fixation w.e.f 01.01.2007, perks, antedating of increment for non executives/Executives etc. Not only that, shameless BSNL management has withdrawn medical allowances/ LTC, bonus etc for employees of the Company. 

In view of the above the meeting of all the unions/Associations unanimously decided to go for spontaneous trade union actions to give a befitting and ruthless reply to brazen faced and irresponsible BSNL management whose only agenda is to work towards ensuring perpetual deputation of ITS in BSNL. Extending all these allowances to ITS will not only involve expenditure of thousands of crores but it is a well calculated move to finally allow ITS to continue in BSNL on perpetual deputation. BSNL management is working to meet this sinister agenda of ITS. People having no affinity, interest and involvement in revival of BSNL are being patronized because of narrow considerations.

This adequately establishes that BSNL Management is not at all interested in financial viability of the company. Instead, it is fully committed to appease and safeguard interests of unabsorbed ITS at any cost.

Comrades, get ready for a do or die fight. Get ready to shed each drop of blood to safeguard our dignity and our Beloved Company. We cannot accept this humiliation under any circumstances. 

BSNL management is sucking blood of BSNL and our blood drop by drop
BSNL management has taken law into its hands by shamelessly and blatantly defying orders of Hon’ble Courts, Union Cabinet, DOP&Trg, DOT on ITS absorption.

In a swift midnight operation, BSNL management issued orders to extend 15 allowances to unabsorbed ITS by which each unabsorbed ITS, having publicly declared that he has no affinity, concern, interest and commitment in the affairs of a Company which they have already sunk, will on an average get an increase of about Rs 20,000 per month. No file was moved, no management committee, no board meeting, nothing. Simply like lords of BSNL kingdom they were offered these allowances on a platter on the plea that these are the orders of government strictly to be followed and need not go to the management committee or BSNL board even for information. The expenditure on these allowances will run into hundreds and hundreds of crores - but that does not matter.
78.2% IDA is a decision of the Union Cabinet–no we do not have finances since it concerns those who are not the lords but tillers (absorbed employees). Finances of the Company are strictly to be utilized for “Royal kings.” Take away LTC, stop medical facilities, roll back leave encashment, reduce 10% salary, stop promotions, don’t settle anomalies, E2 and E3  & NE 12 pay scales and CPSU hierarchy – Oh! Have you gone mad, don’t you understand the financial implication of these issues, why incur expenditure on all these for parasites (absorbed employees). Company has no finances, finances are to be reserved for lords – lords should face no hardships- borrow money from banks but take care of lords in every respect.

Comrades, we got startled to know that an issue of DNI for unabsorbed ITS have been settled silently and seretrly, each unabsorbed ITS have already taken arrears of about 3 to 4 lakhs recently. Our ante dating, pay anomalies – no finances that is all. Nobody knows. All these being carefully worked out to ensure perpectual deputation of ITS in BSNL. All these is being strategically worked out to achieve the hidden agenda of ITS.

Each drop of blood of our beloved Company BSNL is being sucked and Company is left paralyzed, we are being persistently humiliated, our dignity and self esteem is being trampled over ruthlessly. Law is being taken into hands to finish us and the Company. Can we afford all this – we leave final decision to you.

Divisional Union NFTE, Cuddalore